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e〓line: including the◆ ecological design○, pollution● control, green c〓onstruction, gre■en management and ○green transport; 〓(2) Operators〓鈥?guideline: includ●ing green hotel, ◆green restaurant, 〓green marke〓ting, event service,◆ logistics ser○vice and gre●en office; (3) Visit○ors鈥?guideline: ●including green tr●ansport, green exh○ibition visiting, gr●een consumption and 〓green life. T●hat's why the ■66-year-old● Shanghainese, a f〓requent blogger, r○ecently decided to a〓dd a new gad●get to his d◆aily life: a His◆ense high-definition● TV."This i○s much more ◆than a regular t●elevision. Every cha◆nnel is so clear, an■d it can act as ●a computer moni●tor. More i■mportantly, I will○ be able to〓 watch the Olympi◆c Games with a h■igher-quality TV○ in August◆," Wei wrote in ●his personal blo〓g at eastd

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ay.com.●As the Beijing Games● approache●s, more HD TV■s are being so○ld in China com●pared with previou〓s years."Ou〓r sales of HD T◆Vs have gone up 〓30 percent from a mo〓nth ago, and al■most 80 percent ●of our cus■tomers told us th●ey are doing it for ●the Beijing Games◆," said Xie Min〓g, a saleswom●an with Sumsung TV◆ at an outlet of hom〓e appliance r〓etail giant Suning ■in Pudong.◆In the run-up 〓to the Games,◆ HD TV is turning● out to be one o◆f the hottest 〓items in Shanghai's 〓major appl●iance outlets. ●According to 〓Linda Jin, with ma〓rket research〓 organization ◆GfK China, weekly ◆sales of HD TVs hav◆e jumped 1■0 percent in July f●rom two months ago◆ in Shanghai.Yongl●e, another major○ home applianc●e retailer, reg●istered a 268 p●ercent sales in●crease of HD TVs in■ Shanghai ■this year fro

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